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Mens Clothing News:

Ed Brown Products One-Piece HARDCORE Magwell

Ed Brown Products introduces a new one-piece magwell, fully machined, with a rounded well profile. Its precision made to fit with flat bottom grips for a sleek, custom appearance. ...

Clarus Corporation Acquires Sierra Bullets

A message from Sierra Bullets president Patrick Daly to the companys valued partners last night has word that the 70 year-old Sedalia, Missouri-based company has been acquired by Clarus Corporation (NASDAQ: CLAR) a diversified holding company with other interest in the outdoor industry....

Gerber Sponsors Bicontinental Motorcycle Expedition Led by Army Veterans

GERBER is proud to be the primary sponsor of Where the Road Ends - supporting a team of US Army veterans as they embark on a dangerous expedition from the artic-circle to the southern-most tip of South America on custom-built motorcycles. ...

Nebraska: Ornithologists' Union to meet in Ogallala

The Nebraska Ornithologists Union, a statewide group of birders and bird-watchers, will hold its annual fall meeting September 15-17 in Ogallala. This event is open to members and nonmembers....

Florida Wildlife Federation Calls for More Severe Wildlife Abuse/Poaching Penalties

The recent public video of individuals dragging a large shark from the back of a speeding boat, and other horrific videos depicting wildlife abuse, have rightly brought forth a tremendous outpouring of indignation. Now the Florida Wildlife Federation is calling for more sever penalties for offenders....

Keep Your Optics Clean with the OutdoorPro Kit from LensPen

Keep your fine optics clean and images sharp when you head outdoors this fall with the OutdoorPro Kit from LensPen. It has everything you need to safely and effectively clean lenses and eyepieces on your cameras, binoculars and scopes....

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