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Hiking News:

If you could have one of these jackets...

Hello all, I have been searching for a jacket for this winter. I have been looking for an all around jacket for multiple uses, I know this means I will be sacrificing in some areas but as I am not a hardcore user in any area, a jacket that does decent in most conditions is what I am looking for. It's been tough deciding between a hardshell and a softshell, I am someone that likes to layer but maybe a fleece backer on a softshell would be nice. ​ I would use this jacket for activities ...

Looking for a new midlayer/fleece for winter.

For the past 3 years I have been using a Smartwool 250 base, with the Kuhl Kollusion fleece as a mid/fleece hiking jacket. At night or camping in snow I have a down jacket and waterproof shell. At the moment I am in the market for a new midlayer/fleece and I am shopping on Moosejaw and Campsaver for past season deals. I'm looking for something that is preferably more wind resistant (tall order for fleeces, I'm aware). The Kuhl is by no means wind resistant but it was warm with another sh...

Please help if you have experience with wool!

I recently purchased a wool shirt that I love. But itís pretty itchy. I think the last owner probably washed it like a regular shirt resulting in the dry fibers. Everything online said to soak in cold water and gently rehydrate with conditioner or special wool conditioner. The issue is that the shirt has a few leather suede panels and says to only dry clean it. What should I do that will soften the wool without ruining the leather Is it ok to soak and condition despite the leather Please help. ...

Can any one tell what brand tent stick this is? I found it while camping and I have newer seen anything this light.

submitted by /u/TattiXD [link] [comments]...

What type of jacket do I need?

I'm looking for something in de Dutch fall/winter, has to be water resistant, stop wind and insulate a bit but can be worn with layers. Most importantly it has to vent very well as I will be using it for getting around by bike/hiking and general wear. I'm leaning towards a good soft shell because I have a Hardshell from the north face, it protects against the rain but it just doesn't vent a lot so I get sweaty fast. submitted by /u/Vivinski [link] [comments]...

Whatís the purpose of outer layer? (3 in 1 jacket)

Hi, I have a 3 in 1 winter jacket which has a down inner layer and a wind proof and waterproof outer layer (shell). Really great for winter because itís warm, breathable and protect you from anything. I know the inner layer can be used if there is no chance of rain or snow when itís becoming cold, but Iím not sure if the utility of the shell alone. Because the shell is made to perfectly fit with the inner down jacket, itís just too large and lightweight to use alone. I was thinking to use the sh...

Search results for "Hiking - Skis"

  • K2 Strike Jr Skis

    K2 Strike Jr Skis
    The K2 Strike Jr. Ski is an ideal choice for kids who want to ski a little bit of everything. Built with K2's Catch-Free Rocker, which adds some early rise...(more)

    $109.95 More Details
  • K2 Strike Skis

    K2 Strike Skis
    Built with Catch Free Rocker. PERFORMANCE: Groomed 80%/ Ungroomed 20% Torsion Box Composite Cap Composite Core RADIUS: 8m @ 112 Tip Protector...(more)

    $99.95 More Details
  • K2 Luv Bug Skis

    K2 Luv Bug Skis
    Build the love early for your little one with the easy turn initiation of Catch-Free Rocker and forgiving flex of the Noodle System. Sizes: 100, 112, 124, 136,...(more)

    $77.95 More Details
  • Head Supershapeteam Skis

    Head Supershapeteam Skis
    The Head Supershape Team Skis will help your youngster get a feel for the slopes! These skis are fully cambered which will allow you to perfect your turn and ca...(more)

    $99.95 More Details
  • Fischer Ranger 108 Ti Skis

    Fischer Ranger 108 Ti Skis
    The powder weapon for boundless adventures. Air Tec Ti and Aeroshape save so much energy in the climb that adrenalin can come to the fore in the downhill! With ...(more)

    $599.95 More Details
  • Rossignol S4 Pro Jib Skis

    Rossignol S4 Pro Jib Skis
    The Rossignol S4 Pro screams all-terrain, air-to-carve versatility. Be prepared to slash, launch and stomp with less effort and more power than ever before. The...(more)

    $231.95 More Details
  • K2 Indy Skis

    K2 Indy Skis
    The Indy will make learning to ski a breeze for the young ones due to its Catch-Free Rocker and easy turn initiation. Kids will appreciate its Noodle Technology...(more)

    $99.95 More Details
  • K2 Strike Jr Skis

    K2 Strike Jr Skis
    If you are in search of affordable, durable, high-quality skis for your little one, the K2 Strike Jr Skis are just what you're looking for. K2 designed the...(more)

    $119.95 More Details
  • Line Afterbang Shorty Skis

    Line Afterbang Shorty Skis
    BOMBER PARK CONSTRUCTION FOR KIDS When adult park skis are too long & expensive and traditional watered down kids skis won''t hold up to the abus...(more)

    $179.95 More Details
  • Line Afterbang Shorty Skis

    Line Afterbang Shorty Skis
    Adult park construction, sized and priced for kids The Afterbang Shorty is the only ski built like a skateboard, for the durability needed to take the abuse of ...(more)

    $171.95 More Details
  • Line Gizmo Skis

    Line Gizmo Skis
    Great look, tough construction and matched for Groms looking to progress at the speed of light! (Junior Bindings only Length: 100, 113, 123, 133, 143 Shape...(more)

    $187.95 More Details
  • K2 Bolt Jr. Skis

    K2 Bolt Jr. Skis
    Allow your junior ripper to let loose with a junior's ski that is built for speed, just like its grown-up namesake. Speed Rocker Sizes: 134/ 144/ 154 Radiu...(more)

    $123.95 More Details
  • 4FRNT TNK Skis

    4FRNT TNK Skis
    4Frnt TNK Skis: "We revisited my 4-year standing signature model with an improved core profile to accommodate the biggest of parks. Beyond the core, I also...(more)

    $224.85 More Details
  • 4FRNT TNK Skis

    4FRNT TNK Skis
    "We revisited my 4-year standing signature model with an improved core profile to accommodate the biggest of parks. Beyond the core, I also incorporated a ...(more)

    $204.95 More Details
  • Nordica The Ace J Skis

    Nordica The Ace J Skis
    The Nordica Ace Jr. is a great all mountain twin tip ski for little skiers that will rip up a groomer, and hit the park. The Partial Sidewall Construction has a...(more)

    $172.95 More Details
  • K2 Luna Skis

    K2 Luna Skis
    The K2 Luna Skis are perfect for beginner to intermediate female skiers who like to stick to groomed trails. With a turning radius of 13 meters, you can be assu...(more)

    $180.85 More Details
  • K2 Pure Skis

    K2 Pure Skis
    The K2 Pure Ski is all about Pure Fun. This lightweight easy to turn ski is intended for beginner to intermediate lady skiers sticking to the groomers. The Pure...(more)

    $180.85 More Details
  • K2 Superfree Skis

    K2 Superfree Skis
    It's a simple idea: allow a diverse group of women to decide the direction of K2's female-specific products. It's called the Alliance and is unli...(more)

    $272.95 More Details
  • Fischer Viron Force Skis

    Fischer Viron Force Skis
    For the new, occasional and aspiring intermediate skier, the Fischer Viron Force FP9 Skis RS 10 Bindings are a perfect combo to get you started. And at such a...(more)

    $148.95 More Details
  • Rossignol S2 Skis

    Rossignol S2 Skis
    The Women's S Series includes several well-known freeride skis for aggressive big mountain skiers, backcountry enthusiasts and all women who love skiing po...(more)

    $268.95 More Details
  • Rossignol S7 Pro Freeride Skis

    Rossignol S7 Pro Freeride Skis
    Rossignol's junior assortment is consistently strong with outstanding durability, compelling graphics linked directly to the adult line, strong sizing and ...(more)

    $231.95 More Details
  • Head The Jr Caddy Skis

    Head The Jr Caddy Skis
    Its habitat is the parks and pipes of this wonderful white planet. Sandwich Twintip Construction Highly Transparent UHM Base Tuffwalls PNP Rocker L...(more)

    $239.95 More Details
  • K2 Luna Skis

    K2 Luna Skis
    The K2 Luna Skis are entry-level snow sliders for the beginner or casual skier who wants a quality pair of skis for the right price. K2 uses their tried and tru...(more)

    $199.95 More Details
  • K2 Potion 76 TI Skis

    K2 Potion 76 TI Skis
    The K2 Ski Alliance has a new ingredient for their special recipe; yielding intermediate and advanced skiers the added confidence, liveliness and responsiveness...(more)

    $258.97 More Details
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