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Hiking News:

How long until a jacket has been in stock for too long?

I am interested in buying a waterproof jacket. I've found a hardshell 3-layer jacket with goretex pro with a nice discount. The discount apparantly is because they have had the jacket in their warehouse for a year already now. Is it a bad idea to buy a jacket after it's been in a warehouse for so long Thanks for your advice. submitted by /u/efaron [link] [comments]...

Winter Jacket for Canada

Hello, I am looking to purchase one of the following two winter jackets: the RAB Nebula Pro or the Arc'teryx Proton AR. I intend to use these jackets for the following purposes: 1) as an insulation layer while skiing; 2) when belaying while rock climbing; and 3) possibly while rock climbing if it's cold enough. Also note, I intend to purchase a shell to wear over either of these jackets while skiing and while climbing so the rock doesn't rip the fabric. The use of a shell while rock ...

If you could have one of these jackets...

Hello all, I have been searching for a jacket for this winter. I have been looking for an all around jacket for multiple uses, I know this means I will be sacrificing in some areas but as I am not a hardcore user in any area, a jacket that does decent in most conditions is what I am looking for. It's been tough deciding between a hardshell and a softshell, I am someone that likes to layer but maybe a fleece backer on a softshell would be nice. ​ I would use this jacket for activities ...

Looking for a new midlayer/fleece for winter.

For the past 3 years I have been using a Smartwool 250 base, with the Kuhl Kollusion fleece as a mid/fleece hiking jacket. At night or camping in snow I have a down jacket and waterproof shell. At the moment I am in the market for a new midlayer/fleece and I am shopping on Moosejaw and Campsaver for past season deals. I'm looking for something that is preferably more wind resistant (tall order for fleeces, I'm aware). The Kuhl is by no means wind resistant but it was warm with another sh...

Please help if you have experience with wool!

I recently purchased a wool shirt that I love. But itís pretty itchy. I think the last owner probably washed it like a regular shirt resulting in the dry fibers. Everything online said to soak in cold water and gently rehydrate with conditioner or special wool conditioner. The issue is that the shirt has a few leather suede panels and says to only dry clean it. What should I do that will soften the wool without ruining the leather Is it ok to soak and condition despite the leather Please help. ...

Can any one tell what brand tent stick this is? I found it while camping and I have newer seen anything this light.

submitted by /u/TattiXD [link] [comments]...

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  • Adidas Boat Lace DLX Shoes

    Adidas Boat Lace DLX Shoes
    Supple leather and breathable canvas upper offers excellent comfort with a molded heel for improved fit. Multisurface outsole for practicality. Upper: EVA tong...(more)

    $53.95 More Details
  • Adidas Kiel Shoes

    Adidas Kiel Shoes
    Clean, lo-profile chillers for decks of the boat and skate variety. The Kiel is the first-ever reissue of the legendary sailing shoe that debuted at the 1972 Su...(more)

    $43.95 More Details
  • Adidas Samba Shoes

    Adidas Samba Shoes
    The adidas Samba seems to have been born on the street, but this favorite adidas shoe first debuted as a soccer trainer designed to negotiate frozen pitches. Th...(more)

    $55.95 More Details
  • Bearpaw Ashlynn Slippers

    Bearpaw Ashlynn Slippers
    The Ashlynn has the style of a moccasin and the comfort of a slipper. You''ll think you''re walking on air as your feet are enveloped with a...(more)

    $49.99 More Details
  • CAT Brode Shoes

    CAT Brode Shoes
    The Brode: for the guy who needs a work boot, but wants anything but. Looks like a sneaker, built with all of the safety features of a work boot.Key Features of...(more)

    $59.95 More Details
  • CAT Emerge Shoes

    CAT Emerge Shoes
    Low-profile active style that combines urban explorer intelligence with a street smart attitude for a distinct and different Cat look.Key Features of the Caterp...(more)

    $50.95 More Details
  • DC Heathrow Shoes

    DC Heathrow Shoes
    Engineered for performance, designed for life. This athletic inspired, casual silhouette is comfortable and stylish. Suede and Mesh Upper Full Bootie Constr...(more)

    $51.95 More Details
  • DC Heathrow IA Shoes

    DC Heathrow IA Shoes
    The Heathrow family introduces a new trainer, the Heathrow IA featuring the design aesthetics of the Heathrow with the added IMPACT-A™ airbag technolo...(more)

    $85.00 More Details
  • DC Heathrow Shoes

    DC Heathrow Shoes
    DC's new all day, everyday shoe, the Heathrow is available in all new colors for the Holiday season. The athletic-inspired, casual silhouette is comfortabl...(more)

    $65.00 More Details
  • DC Heathrow IA Shoes

    DC Heathrow IA Shoes
    The Heathrow family introduces a new trainer, the Heathrow IA featuring the design aesthetics of the Heathrow, with the added IMPACT-A airbag technology. The sl...(more)

    $85.00 More Details
  • DC Heathrow SE Shoes

    DC Heathrow SE Shoes
    Engineered for performance, designed for life. Take on the daily with the style and comfort of the DC® Heathrow SE shoe! Specialty Textile and Suede U...(more)

    $70.00 More Details
  • DC Kalis Lite Shoes

    DC Kalis Lite Shoes
    The Kalis Lite is a lifestyle inspired updated to Kalis''s iconic first shoe the JK1 release in 1998. DC took the classic silhouette and paneling and ...(more)

    $70.00 More Details
  • DC Lynx Lite Shoes

    DC Lynx Lite Shoes
    Playing homage to its rich ahtletic skate heritage, the Lynx Lite features all of the iconic details you've come to expect from the Lynx family including g...(more)

    $55.95 More Details
  • DC Lynx Lite R Shoes

    DC Lynx Lite R Shoes
    Paying homage to its rich athletic skate heritage, the Lynx Lite features all the iconic details you''ve come to expect from the Lynx family including...(more)

    $59.95 More Details
  • DC Player Skate Shoes

    DC Player Skate Shoes
    If you're a skateboarder familiar with shoes, you know the quality DC Shoes is famous for, and you'll love these DC Player Skate Shoes as much as any....(more)

    $50.95 More Details
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