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Cycling News:

Gore-Tex Shakedry Moves to Insulation

Insulated jackets are great at keeping you warm but run into problems when they get wet. To make lightweight and waterproof insulated jackets that breathe well and won’t wet out over time, Gore is working with brands to combine Shakedry technology with both down and synthetic insulation. Here are a couple of our favorite pieces. If you recall, Gore-Tex Shakedry ditches the face fabric on a jacket and uses the waterproof membrane as the outer surface. When water hits the surface, it simply...

Ultralight Packable Adventure Travel Gear

At Outdoor Retailer last week, I had the opportunity to run through Matador’s line of ultralight and super packable gear. The multi-functional items not only look great with their minimalist aesthetic, but will prove useful to everyone from long distance backpackers to everyday travelers. Matador started back in 2014 with its first product — the Pocket Blanket, a waterproof seating surface that folds up to fit in your pocket. Since then, the company has grown one product at a time, ...

Outdoor Research Expands Aerogel Collection

Finally available this winter, the Bitterblaze/Ouray Ice Gloves (women’s) from Outdoor Research use PrimaLoft’s new Gold Aerogel insulation on the palms and in the finger tips to protect your digits from all that cold metal while remaining thin enough to up the dexterity factor. For next winter, OR will expand its Aerogel collection with more gloves, as well as insulated booties and even a balaclava. Say goodbye to freezing extremities. I got a first look at this new collection at Outdoor...

Patagonia Introduces Silent Down Jackets

Down jackets are not quite as noisy as say hard shells, but thanks to all that polyester, they are not exactly quiet either. In their quest to eliminate the swish-swish sound of your favorite down jacket, Patagonia came up with a way to make them more eco-friendly and fair to workers, too. Meet the Silent Down family of jackets. Soft, stretchy and quiet, the Silent Down Jackets are made with 70% recycled polyester taffeta with a DWR finish that sheds moisture and increases durability. It has me...

Up, Down, Eat, Drink

Classic Tuscany. This was our lunch spot. Tuscany. A place which needs no introduction. With its wine-soaked villages, art-rich cities, swathes of olive groves and truffle fields, and world-famous food, Tuscany epitomizes “la bella vita” or the good life. 100 million tourists visited Tuscany in 2017, with Florence and the more developed rural towns like Siena serving as the most...

MSR Creates a More Durably Waterproof Tent

Hot and humid environments, UV rays from the sun, and not storing your tent properly all lead to an eventual break down of the waterproof coating on your tent fabric. To create a longer laster, more durable tent, MSR borrowed technology from other industries that require really durable, polyurethane coatings that can hold up to heat, humidity and abuse. Fabric coatings are incredibly important to a modern tent — the urethane coating on a lightweight nylon tent is what keeps the water out....

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  • Smith Maze Bike Helmet

    Smith Maze Bike Helmet
    The Smith Maze bike helmet is ready for summer days cruising through town. WIth a self-adjusting fit system, 9 vents and a performance liner, you'll be cool and...(more)

    $55.73 More Details
  • Smith Axle Bike Helmet

    Smith Axle Bike Helmet
    Designed for durability and comfort, the Smith Axle bike helmet is built to withstand whatever the trail, park or street throws your way. 13 vents and a self-ad...(more)

    $69.73 More Details
  • Smith Overtake Bike Helmet

    Smith Overtake Bike Helmet
    Providing maximum ventilation, superior aerodynamics and best-in-class impact protection, the Smith Overtake is the ultimate racing bike helmet, keeping you cov...(more)

    $174.73 More Details
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