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Somewear Helps You Communicate When Off The Grid

There’s a new option for off the grid communication. Somewear is a satellite hotspot that lets you send messages and share your location via your phone when you venture into the no service zone, and will be at the ready should you run into an emergency situation. Somewear connects to your phone via Bluetooth to enable you to communicate via the satellite network. Leveraging the Iridium satellite network, the device offers 100% global coverage in an ultralight (weighs only four ounces), compa...

Jordan by Bike: In Search of a More Meaningful Experience on Two Wheels

Looking out over the Dead Sea. Photo by: Tamara Elliott ...

Rage Yoga Is Just What We Need Right Now

After a completely shitty week for women’s rights here in the US, Rage Yoga has never looked more appealing. More than just a practice, Rage Yoga is an attitude. The idea is to help you get on the right path to becoming centered, confident, and giving zero f*cks. Sounds like just what we need to take on the patriarchy, ladies. Rage Yoga was started by Canadian Lindsay Istace. She found yoga classes not only a bit intimidating but also a little too serious and serene. Looking for something...

Our Favorite New Mountain Bike Shorts for Summer

While it doesn’t feel like it across much of the country — we have rain and snow here in California this week — mountain bike season is nearly upon us. I am fortunate to be able to mountain bike pretty much year round, and had the opportunity to test out some new-for-spring-and-summer mountain bike shorts over the winter. Here are a handful of my favorites. 7Mesh Farside Shorts (pictured top): The new summer-weight Farside Shorts are made from a 4-way stretch fabric that dries...

Would You Trust an Inflatable Portaledge?

While I absolutely love to climb, I don’t think I could ever be a big wall climber simply because I would freak out sleeping hundreds of feet up on the side of a wall. A regular portaledge would be hard enough for me to trust (irrational, I know) but an inflatable one might push me over the edge. But for those who love hanging around and want to move faster by drastically reducing their weight load, the G7 POD inflatable portaledge just might be the answer. The G7 POD is a lightweight (1....

Eat, Drink, and Ride Your Way Through The Weekend in Napa Valley

If you haven’t heard of CampoVelo yet, it’s a fun-packed weekend event in Napa Valley that combines food, wine, cycling, and wellness. You can choose to come just for a day or spend the entire three days. Held in April every year, CampoVelo is best described as the Great Cyclist Get Together because everyone at the event simply loves to ride a bike, not to mention eat great food and drink some wine. After all, that’s one of the reasons we ride bikes anyway, right The weekend o...

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