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When a Tree Falls, Is It Deforestation?

Nancy Harris, Elizabeth Dow Goldman, Mikaela Weisse and Alyssa Barrett The narrative is not a new one: The world is losing tree cover at an alarming rate, and the effects on biodiversity, the climate and indigenous communities cannot be overstated. The question is, why What’s causing this loss And will tree cover come back, or will the land be used […] The post When a Tree Falls, Is It Deforestation appeared first on Global Forest Watch Blog. ...

5 Graphs Show Just How Unusual This Year’s Wildfires Are

By Susan Minnemeyer This time of year always brings wildfires. But what’s unusual this fires season is where and how the blazes are burning—and it could be a warning sign of what’s to come. Hotter-than-normal temperatures and drought across much of northern Europe and North America in June and July have resulted in wildfires burning in what are typically wetter, cooler […] The post 5 Graphs Show Just How Unusual This Year’s Wildfires Are appeared first on Global Forest Watch Blog. ...

Tracking Deforestation in DRC’s Forest Concessions Is Complicated

By Alain Engunda Ikala, Claire Halleux, Roger Mambeta and Lauren Williams The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) contains more than half of the remaining Congo Basin rainforest, the second-largest tropical forest on Earth. These forests are increasingly threatened by slash-and-burn agriculture and logging for timber, charcoal and fuelwood. While most logging is carried out by small or medium-sized operators, industrial […] The post Tracking Deforestation in DRC’s Forest Concessions I...

While Puerto Rico’s People Still Suffer the Effects of Hurricane Maria, its Forests Are Faring Much Better

While Puerto Rico continues to recover from Hurricane Maria, El Yunque National Forest has largely rebounded. Photo by Jami430/Wikimedia Commons By Thailynn Munroe, Nancy Harris and Tamara Heartsill Scalley Puerto Rico is no stranger to extreme events. Throughout recorded history, the island has been in the eye path of more than 50 tropical storms. It’s still recovering from […] The post While Puerto Rico’s People Still Suffer the Effects of Hurricane Maria, its Forests Are Faring Much Bet...

Sistemas de alerta temprana contra la deforestación: una explicación

Por Rachael Petersen, Karla Renschler y Mikaela Weisse La identificación de actividades forestales ilegales con métodos tradicionales, como patrullas a pie, puede llevar mucho tiempo, ser costosa y, con frecuencia, ineficaz para detener la tala antes que sea demasiado tarde. Sin embargo, podemos detectar las perturbaciones forestales con mayor rapidez que antes debido a los recientes avances […] The post Sistemas de alerta temprana contra la deforestación: una explicación appeared first on...

Introducing the 2018 GFW Tech Fellows

By Jessica Webb GFW is pleased to announce the five fellows who will form the first-ever GFW Tech Fellowship! These individuals, selected from over 350 applicants, will collaborate with GFW over the next five months on projects that use innovative technologies to improve forest monitoring efforts. These fellows represent a range of sectors including government, […] The post Introducing the 2018 GFW Tech Fellows appeared first on Global Forest Watch Blog. ...