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Kammok Launches All-In-One Hammock System

Sure to be a hit with thru hikers, the new Mantis from Kammok is an all-in-one hammock system that is super quick and easy to set up thanks to a completely knotless suspension system. Including everything you need for four season use and in all kinds of weather conditions, the Mantis offers a great alternative for those that may not want to sleep on the ground. The new Mantis all-in-one hammock system includes a breathable hammock body made from 40 denier ripstop nylon, integrated insect net (m...

Ditch The Puffy Coat For an Inflatable Body Warmer

Instead of an extra puffy coat or vest, the team at Exotogg hope you will consider bringing an inflatable thermal layer instead. Powered by nothing more than your own breath, the inflatable vest adds a layer of warmth to your core and packs down small when not needed. Originally built with motorcyclists in mind, Exotogg can be used for everything from shoveling your driveway during the polar vortex to skiing and hiking. Exotogg reminds me a lot of Klymit’s original argon-filled vests. But...

Quick Look at New Climbing Footwear from Scarpa

At Outdoor Retailer and ISPO over the past couple of weeks, Scarpa showed off some shiny new climbing footwear for Fall 2019. For everything from rock climbing to high altitude mountaineering, Scarpa seems to have updated and improved their entire line. At only 150 grams, the new Furia Air ($199) is the lightest climbing shoe in the Scarpa collection. To achieve the weight reduction, the shoe uses same four layers (upper, midsole, tension system, rubber) as any other climbing shoe but each laye...

Petzl Dart Crampons Go Completely Modular

For 2019, Petzl will get rid of two different Dart crampon models (the mono-point Dart and dual-point Dartwin) in favor of a single modular crampon you can configure in multiple ways depending on terrain or preference. Joining the new crampons are a variety of accessories that will make all you fellow ice climbers quite happy. Built on the same modular system as the Lynx, the new Dart crampons can be configured with dual asymmetrical front points, dual front points of the same length, and eithe...

La Sportiva Overhauls The High Altitude Olympus Mons

For 2019, La Sportiva decided to overhaul the Olympus Mons Evo — one of the most popular Himalayan mountaineering boots which has been around for almost 20 years now. Working with athletes Simone Moro and Tamara Lunger, La Sportiva created the new Olympus Mons Cube that is lighter, better insulated, and more durable than its predecessor with some new features for those looking to use skis on the approach. So how is the new Olympus Mons Cube different from the Olympus Mons Evo Probably thi...

Ditch The Styrofoam For a Biodegradable Cooler

Polystyrene foam or Styrofoam is widely used in single-use consumer goods the world over. In the US alone, three million tons of Styrofoam products are produced each year, predominantly used to make packaging materials and food service items such as foam cups, cartons, and other containers. All of those products end up in landfills where they make up 25-35 percent of the waste by volume and take 500 years to decompose. To try and combat the environmental problems associated with polystyrene foa...