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Stabilization is the Name of the Game with the New Hero7 Black

Yesterday, GoPro dropped three new cameras into their product lineup — the Hero7 Black, Hero7 Silver, and Hero7 White. The flagship Hero7 Black includes key new functionality including image stabilization and live streaming — you no longer need a gimbal to achieve smooth action video to stream on your Facebook page. Called HyperSmooth, the in-camera technology delivers gimbal-like stabilized video without the use of a motorized gimbal. HyperSmooth continues to work underwater and in...

Train Indoors for Ice Climbing with Tørr Tools

It’s the start of fall which means ice climbing season is not too far away. Time to get training. While the best training for ice climbing is…ice climbing, that’s not exactly easy to do before winter rolls through. Hex Climbing just made things a whole lot easier with their new Tørr Tools. Wooden ice tool simulators are not exactly new — I own a couple of pairs from Alpkit and Furnace Industries. But the loop-style ends don’t exactly work on all climbing gym holds ...

BioLite Rethinks HeadLamp Design

BioLite is all about rethinking the design of everyday items. This time they took on the humble headlamp and created one that is actually wearable — no giant knob sticking out of your forehead (I see you laughing, Brits). So what makes the BioLite HeadLamp so great It’s made from a 3D-molded housing that integrates the electronics directly into the fabric. The result is a super thin front that sits flush to your forehead and won’t bounce around. The power source sits on the ba...

Patagonia Introduces ‘Woolyester’ Into Clothing Line

Three years ago, Patagonia set out to make a new fleece fabric using natural fibers that didn’t take a toll on the earth. Inspired by one of Yvon’s old wool sweaters, the company wanted to create a fleece with all the properties of wool but with the added durability of a traditional synthetic. Woolyester was born. Woolyester Fleece is a lightweight layer that dries quickly, packs easily, and is soft on the skin. To make the fabric, Patagonia uses recycled wool. The wool comes from t...

New Material to Create Lighter and More Durable Bikes

In development since 2006, the Allite Super Magnesium alloy had only been authorized for use in classified defense and aerospace application…until now. Lighter and stiffer than aluminum, less expensive than carbon fiber, and with the lowest carbon footprint of any structural material, Super Magnesium can be useful for a variety of products and components within the cycling industry. Weighing 33% less than aluminum, while also being stiffer and stronger, pound for pound, Allite Super Magnesium i...

Tepui Launches Upcycle Program

Earlier this week, Tepui launched Tepui Upcycle — a program designed to minimize the brand’s impact on landfills and turn used tent materials into new adventure gear. Customers can send in old tent travel covers in exchange for a new cover with updated Tepui logo and a unique backpack or duffle crafted from the usable material in the returned travel covers. So how does the new Tepui Upcycle program work First, choose your new travel cover and type of bag you would like. Then Tepui will se...