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Muck Grit Boots for Men - MUKGTM - Apparel sku

Muck Grit Boots for Men - MUKGTM by Muck

Item description: This Apparel Footwear product is by Muck - If you're spending lots of time in cold weather on your feet in the muck at your ranch or on the construction side, you need the Muck Grit Boots for Men. Featuring a tough, protective rubber upper that's flexible and wraps around for plenty of protection, the Grit Boots have a neoprene lining inside that's layered with PK mesh to improve air circulation around your feet. The outsole is an aggressive track pattern rubber cup that absorbs shocks well and provides excellent grip on wet concrete floors or uneven terrain, while maintaining optimal comfort when you're standing for long periods of time. The Grit Books are good for temperatures from 65 degrees Fahrenheit down to sub-freezing, and are 100 percent waterproof.... Learn More

Manufacturer: Muck

Keywords: Winter Boots

Store: Sunny Sports offers a great selection of camping and outdoors products from the finest-quality brand-names at very competitive prices. Sunny Sports provides world-class service, exceptionally fast delivery and an enjoyable buying experience.

Category: Footwear


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Are your kids always on the go? Muck's Hale Outdoor Sport Boot for Kids is a three season boot that will protect them from inclement weather when they're out and about, doing what kids do. The Hale Outdoor Sport Boot features a breathable lining and a wrap around outer sole that gives great stability while they're on the move. They have a wide opening, so they're easy to slip on and off, and they're also engineered with 4mm CR flex-foam for extra comfort. ...See The Price
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When spring showers bring with it muck and mud, the Muck Muckster II Ankle Boot for Men makes sure you can still get outside when you need to. If you're facing mud, slush, or rain, the Muckster II Ankle Boot has a high traction rubber outsole that helps keep your feet under you. You'll love how easy they are to simply slip on and pull off when your day is done, making them perfect for wearing around the campsite or in the garden when it's time to sow seeds. Featuring 4mm neoprene insulation, the ...See The Price