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Brad Barton Is on a Record-Breaking Roll

And he shows no signs of stopping...

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The Real Reason Marathoners Hit the Wall

A new study finds that your critical speed threshold drops in the last third of a marathon, which may explain why the distance produces so many blow-ups...

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Sundays Are for Trying Something New

Because the end of the weekend can also mean new beginnings...

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Sundays Are for Getting Social

No, were not talking about nailing the perfect Instagram story or crafting a funny Facebook post...

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The First Human-Powered Door-to-Summit Ascent of Denali

Here's what it takes to get yourself on top of Denali, from Salt Lake City, without a single motor...

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The Best Hotel Packages for Every Kind of Adventurer

Book a room and score perks, like a stargazing kit, bike-park access, or a hiking guidebook...

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Running in Corsica Has It All

This short video features runner Guillaume Peretti on the GR20 trail in Corsica, France, where he once held the fastest known time...

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