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How Outdoor Brands Are Pitching in to Stop COVID-19

From protective equipment to hand sanitizer to donations, here's how gear producers are helping to slow the spread of the virus...

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Why You Desperately Want to Jump in a Lake

Theres something about swimming that makes us feel very much alive--even as we enter an environment where the risk of death is all around us...

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6 Rules for Staying Active During a Pandemic

Tricks to making your home workout as easy--and productive--as possible...

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Chasing Down the Northern Lights

'Expedition Norway' follows a group of photographers on a mission to document the northern lights ...

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Test Yourself: How Well Can You Navigate?

A checklist of essential skills, concepts, and definitions...

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This Novel Reclaims the Western Expansion Myth

In a new novel, 'How Much of These Hills Is Gold,' author C. Pam Zhang presents the fantasies and struggles that defined western expansion through the eyes of two Chinese-American characters...

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How 11 Explorers Are Embracing Staying Put

From polar explorer Eric Larsen to rock climber Sasha DiGiulian, here's what adventurers are doing with their downtime...

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