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How to Collect Your Own Firewood

Keep warm this winter by harvesting fuel yourself...

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How Data from a Little Wrist Strap Can Change Your Life

Whether youre training for your first marathon, dealing with a stressful job, or simply want to improve your sleep, WHOOPs 24/7 heart-rate monitor can help you perform better every day...

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What's Going on with William Perry Pendley?

The villainous BLM boss appears to have survived a court ouster, further threatening Trump's oil agenda ...

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Scientists Weigh in on the Great Trekking Pole Debate

A new review sifts through the evidence for and against hiking with poles...

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How Climate Change Is Making the Alps More Dangerous

As the mountains thaw, rocks are coming loose from the ice, increasing the risk of injury or death for even the most experienced mountaineers...

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A Death at Sea on the 'Row of Life'

At 59 years old and with a preexisting condition, Paralympic rower Angela Madsen had plenty to worry about as the coronavirus spread across the country. So she dipped the oars of her small rowboat in the Pacific and pointed the bow toward Hawaii. She never returned. ...

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Keeping Colorado Chill: Tubing in Downtown Denver

Michael Larsen and friends head to Confluence Park in Denver, Colorado, for an afternoon of chilled-out tubing on the river....

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